Fall season’s around the corner and as it’s getting colder, I cannot get over   the sun my body’s been craving. A malibu cocktail resting casually beside my colourful beach blanket while lazily lying on my back in my vibrant orange bodysuit with my favourite beach read in one hand is what ‘m dreaming about. Paints quite a picture, eh? Here’s an illustrative guide to style your outfits and accessories to get the perfect beach pictures for your friends and family or just for the ‘gram.

  1. The Bikini

The bikini makes a statement of it’s own. Solid colour bikinis against the tropical background add a contrast which looks amazing in pictures. A white bikini would make the rest of your body look tanner and, in turn, slimmer and glowy like the coveted bikini bodies we like to drool over.

  1. The bodysuit

Bodysuits are the comfortable, equally sexy variants of beachwear. It is great to undertake more adventurous activities in,  on the beach, while still allowing you to ‘flaunt the bod’. Accessorise the bodysuit appropriately to get the desired picture. While posing, remember to create curves with your body as it’s the perfect outfit to show them curves off.

  1. The coverup

Coverups a.k.a  beach best friends are a great way to accessorise the more revealing  bikini or the bodysuit . Sarongs, kaftans, kimonos, pareos etc. are some of the different kinds of cover-ups one could use while on the beach. They come in a number of colours and patterns. Experiment and see what suits your style and get ready for an amazing beach picture.

  1. Use the flower

Flowers have the quality to instantly ‘pretty- up’  any picture. Here are a few ways to use them-

i) The flower tiara                            ii) The flower hair tuck

iii) The flower prop



  1. Adorable edibles

Grab your favourite tropical fruit from the local market or one of the shacks by the beach. Tangerines, pineapples, coconuts or  whatever else  you please. Now ask your friend to click a ‘pintrest-ey” picture before you gulp down the juicy fruit. Who would’ve thought fruits could pass as beach picture props?!

  1. Accessories

Listing down the essentials-

  1. i) The hat


  1. ii) The bracelet/ anklet


iii) The bag

  1. iv) The scarf

  1. Pose with the family or the bffs

Family and friends are the best people to spend a beach trip with. So enjoy the time you have with them and let your smile be the natural prop for the sunny pictures then.


  1. The maxi dress

Easy, breezy and comfy- maxi dresses are a must beach wear. You could wear it as a cover up or on it’s own to casually roam around on the beach. The large fabric creates a  flowy silhouette giving the pictures a more feminine vibe.


  1. The hair

Beach waves, curls and braids look great in pictures. The laid back boho vibe works wonders when even worn just on it’s own.


  1. Be creative

There’s no end to one’s imagination. So look around, spot the right location, create contrasts and experiment with body shapes and work with what you have. The important point to not be missed is- having loads of fun. A happy face will reflect onto the pictures making them better by a thousand times.


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