Who we are?

You become a person the way you are raised as a child. As an airforce kid and with a transferable job of my father, traveling and cultural exchanges were quite a norm to me. The fascination only increased with time and even my 9-5 boring corporate job didn’t let them die. Being a Bong, I crave for ‘chole kulche’ as much as I would for ‘Macher Jhol’.

The saline water of a beach and tropical heat can ‘tan’ my skin but warms my heart even more. I am always excited not scared of scaling heights in the freezing temperatures of ‘Leh- Ladakh’.  In short, I am food and travel freak.

This blog documents experiences I go through in my life to relish my taste buds and pamper my ‘roaming’ heart.

“I was born in Delhi, raised throughout India and desire to wander across the globe”